Internet Register Ireland Scam

We wish to advise against signing anything that is received from an organisation who present themselves as being the ‘Internet Register Ireland’. We received a letter in the post today saying “As part of the annual update of your entry in the Internet Register Ireland, we kindly ask you to check if your details are [...]

Internet trademark scam

Our clients often receive emails purporting to be trying to help protect their Internet trademark. These are usually from companies trying to get you to register Chinese and other Asian domain names (i.e. domain names ending in .cn, or .asia).

These are spam emails and are best ignored. For most small businesses, a single domain [...]

Selling advertising space on your website, linking scam

A number of our clients have been contacted by link-star offering to place advertising on their website in return for an annual fee.  There are a number of postings on websites about this type of scam e.g. see   

If you did go along with placing the advertisement you could well be going against Google’s [...]

Search Engine Marketing

There are a number of companies cold calling businesses in Ireland and trying to get them to sign up for search engine marketing services.  One of these is Matchmaker Marketing whose sales people often imply that they are ringing on behalf of Google.

 Google does not make direct marketing calls so you can be sure that [...]