Website Visitors & Adding Google Analytics to your website

Google Analytics are a currently free service allowing you to analyse how many site visitors you are getting, which pages they visit and where your site visitors are coming from. To include Google analytics on your website you first need to sign up for the service on website address on You will need a [...]

Search Engine Optimisation

The most important question when considering a website is how you are going to get your website on page one of Google or another way of putting this is how to get a high search engine result position (SERP).

 There are many hundreds of different factors which influence your position on search engines. We generally achieve [...]

Starters Guide to Sponsored advertising on Google - Google Adwords (Pay Per Click)

Any business can easily run their own sponsored advertising campaign (pay per click campaign) using Google Adwords. Before you start you need your own website. Contact Us if you need a website set up for you which we can do from €140+VAT a year.

Here is a short guide to getting started with Adwords.

Create a Google [...]

Sponsored Advertising

All search engines and many websites offer sponsored advertising but the most successful sponsored advertising  company is Google. Google sponsored advertising facility is called Google Adwords. The most frequently used type of sponsored advertising offered by Google is Pay Per Click (PPC) although Google also offers payment methods based on the number of impressions (i.e. [...]

Organic search engine results, Ireland

These are the listings in the main body of the Google search results pages. These are free listings and the position that you obtain in this listing depends on how relevant Google considers your page to be in relation to this particular keyword search. The process of improving the relevance of your pages for search [...]

Search Engine Marketing

There are a number of companies cold calling businesses in Ireland and trying to get them to sign up for search engine marketing services.  One of these is Matchmaker Marketing whose sales people often imply that they are ringing on behalf of Google.

 Google does not make direct marketing calls so you can be sure that [...]