Wastewater Treatment Wexford, TPW Systems Ltd., Ireland

Tank, Percolation and Willow Systems, TPW Systems Ltd., Ireland www.tpw.ie becomes a welcome new addition to Little Ireland’s community of websites for small businesses. The company, led by Nigel Quaid, formerly of SGW Percolations, provides n-site domestic and commercial sewage treatment solutions throughout Ireland specialising in the design, supply and installation of Wastewater Treatment System: Inspection Manhole, Standard 110mm Pipes, Biotank Treatment Unit, Distribution Box, Inspection Manhole and Percolation Area designed, supplied and fitted by TPW Systems Ltd., Ireland

Septic tank and gravity percolation systems

Secondary Treatment systems (EuroTank)

Soil and sand polishing filters

Dripfield disposal systems

Zero Discharge Willow Systems (ZDWS)