Website Visitors & Adding Google Analytics to your website

Google Analytics are a currently free service allowing you to analyse how many site visitors you are getting, which pages they visit and where your site visitors are coming from. To include Google analytics on your website you first need to sign up for the service on website address on You will need a Google account for this. Google account registration and Analytics signup is currently free. If you don’t already have a Google account you can create one here

When you sign up Google will provide you with some code which they request you include on each page of your site.  Once you have placed the code on each page of your site then, after about a day, you will start getting information about your website  visitors appearing in your Google Analytics console,, when you login.

If you have one of our Little Ireland Websites or Small Island websites you do not need to put the Google page manually on each page of your website. You need  only to extract the User Account Code i.e. look for the part like _uacct = “UA-1103444-1” and the user account is the part between the quotation marks. At the end of the Description part of your ‘Edit Home’ page in the administration section of your website put .analyticsUA-1103444-1.endanalytics i.e. a ‘.’ followed by the word analytics then then your user account code and then a ‘.’ followed by ‘endanalytics’ ( where ‘UA-1103444-1’ should be replaced by your user account code). You only need to do this on your Home page as the  Content Management System (CMS) will then insert the required code on each page of your site.