Starters Guide to Sponsored advertising on Google – Google Adwords (Pay Per Click)

Any business can easily run their own sponsored advertising campaign (pay per click campaign) using Google Adwords. Before you start you need your own website. Contact Us if you need a website set up for you which we can do from €140+VAT a year.

Here is a short guide to getting started with Adwords.

  1. Create a Google account (if you don’t already have one) at
  2. Login to adwords at
  3. Go to the Campaign tab and then click ‘New campaign’
  4. Under Locations, Languages and Demographics select ‘Ireland’ (more specific county based targeting does not work at present in Ireland). If you are trading throughout the island of Ireland or you are in the North you would want to include at least the Northern Ireland region of the UK. Click on ‘Select one or more other locations’ to add this region or, if you are exporting business, to add other countries.
  5. Under Bidding and budget specify a maximum daily spend e.g. €2 a day.
  6. Click ‘Save and continue’
  7. You should now be on the ‘Create ad group’ page.  Under ‘Create an ad’ choose ‘Text ad’ and put in your required ad wording e.g “Gas Boilers Serviced in the Dublin and Leinster area”
  8. Under ‘Display URL’ put your website address e.g.
  9. Under ‘Destination URL’ put the same thing so that the advert will link to
  10. Under ‘Keywords’ Fill in your keywords e.g. ‘Boiler Service’ and any others on separate lines and click ‘Estimate Search Traffic’
  11. Under ‘Ad group default bids (Max. CPC)’ fill in the maximum amount per click that you are willing to pay (e.g. €0.20)
  12. Press ‘Save Ad Group’. Your ad will then shortly go live on Google. You can make sure it is working by going to the Google home page (or for Britain & Northern Ireland) and searching for e.g. ‘Boiler Service’ and checking that your ad appears in the sponsored listings.
  13. You can change any of the settings above at any time by logging into Google Adwords at any time and going to the Campaigns tab. You can also check how your Adwords campaign is going and how much it has cost you so far.

There is a lot of help, information and training videos about Adwords campaign management a but there is much more information available in the training centre than you need to get started. To start off with, just follow the guidelines above and you can make refinements to your Adwords campaign as you learn through experience.